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Walking In The Light

Walking In The Light

I once had a conversation with a very well known producer who researched me through iMDB (Internet Movie Database). It’s interesting how something like this has become such a significant marker in the industry.

I produced the first two seasons of Passages and Israel Today totalling 104 episodes, 150 episodes of Just for Parents, directed 67 episodes of Maralee Dawn & Friends, multiple television specials… worked on a variety of programs everything from floor directing 130 episodes of The Gathering Place to even working on LIVE TV. Directed Musical Theatre on 4 occasions, directed and produced movie segments that are interactive with a stage play – twice — these movie segments total 90 minutes of screen time… and very little of this history appears on Internet Movie Database. Perhaps that’s a good thing.

I am a Feature Film Writer / Director and most of what appears on iMDB concerns that. I truly love working with actors, and crews to tell a dramatic story. That’s my element.

When you talk to people in the industry a common phrase you’ll hear is, “he’s a movie guy,” or “she’s a TV girl.” The conversation always turns around to how the audience will perceive this actor. Think about this yourself. Can you open your mind to include people in roles that you wouldn’t normally see them? That’s where business meets art. Perception is a funny thing. In my professional career I wrote and directed ONE documentary. This documentary won “The Benjamin Franklin Award for BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR” by the independent publishers in Chicago and was a premium give away item for pledging to PBS as well as playing on multiple PBS stations. I made that movie because it was about my hometown region, Niagara. That was over 10 years ago, still to this day, there are some people who’ll say, “he’s a documentary filmmaker.” One documentary hardly makes me a documentary filmmaker. I just love telling good stories, which brings us full circle back to the producer who researched me on iMDB. Since dramatic storytelling is my forté perhaps it’s best to only let the world know of that. The same can be true for how people know you where you live. I am born and raised Canadian yet I am working largely with international crews. I show up at a Director’s Caucus meeting in Toronto and there are a few guys who know me but most look at me like, “Who are you?” Funny. 🙂

So here I am making my next feature film with a company in Los Angeles. There’s an old saying, “a prophet is never accepted in his own home town.” Simply put… makes you question how do people see you in the light that you are walking? With me that’s okay, I enjoy working with my friends in LA and the crews internationally. In a few days I am off to Thailand to direct a feature film “Trade of Innocents”. Working in my element, doing what I was made to do.

Let me encourage you, walk in the light for which you were made… don’t let the hometown folks discourage you or paint you in a box.

You know what you were made to do. Go and do it.

Christopher Bessette

Christopher M. Bessette is  a multi-award-winning writer, director, producer. He is an author, educator, public speaker and a member of the Director’s Guild of America and the Writer’s Guild of America.Twice honored with a nomination by Niagara College Canada for the prestigious Premier’s Award for outstanding achievements in Creative Arts & Design, Bessette has garnered many accolades at film festivals worldwide, including ten Best Picture, three Best Director, and a Best Screenplay award.

Married to his college sweetheart, he is a proud father of three and grandfather of two. He makes his home in Southern Ontario, Canada living on an acreage deeded to his family by the Crown of England over 200 years ago.

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