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NIAGARA: THUNDER OF THE WATERS – Feature Length Documentary

NIAGARA: THUNDER OF THE WATERS – Feature Length Documentary

North American Broadcast Premiere on PBS affiliate WNED 
8:00 PM December 7, 2016 

Just Released 2016 “Niagara: Thunder of the Waters” revisited with incredible stunning high definition images of Niagara Falls and surrounding parklands.

“It’s been said in the hush of years gone past, 

you could hear the roar of the great giant from many miles away. 

Look up, just beyond the horizon, 

as white billowy columns rise high from behind the tree line”

Embark on a journey of discovery. The mighty Niagara and surrounding parklands are rich in history and human struggle. Poetic and personal in its approach and epic in feel, “Niagara: Thunder of the Waters” ignites the imagination. Far away from the flashing neon lights, modern high-rise buildings… far away from the stunters attempts at fame and glory; this film captures the essence, the heart, and soul of Niagara, that millions of tourists per year desire to experience. Painted with the backdrop of human history on its landscape, personal remembrances of great Canadians and Americans are lifted from the pages of history and tied in with the never-ending flow of water and time. The movie unites international award-winning filmmakers with a desire and passion for illuminating the screen with soul inspiring, moving images and stories of Niagara and the people who fought for her preservation. 

“It is great to revisit the land and area where I grew up.  Back in 1998, we released the original “Niagara: Thunder of the Waters” and it became a great success.  It was a premium gift item for PBS pledge drive, aired on many PBS stations and on SCN in Canada.  Upon the video release of the movie it won The Benjamin Franklin Award for “Best Video of the Year.”  A lot has happened over the years with technology since we first released the movie.  The original was shot on 16mm film. Today we completely reimagined the images with stunning HD footage, taking the viewer places we were never able to before.  Captivating reenactment of the war of 1812 and incredible images of the Parklands’ wildlife punctuate the story.  I am happy to be able to share “Niagara: Thunder of the Waters” with a new generation.”

Christopher M. Bessette, Writer / Director / Producer Niagara: Thunder of the Waters September 2016

“Niagara: Thunder of the Waters” is a “best seller” at the Niagara Parks Commission gift shops in Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada. The film is designed to be timeless. It artistically deals with historical events keeping the film current and relevant. Bonus features on the collectors DVD include narration in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese. 


Writer/Director/Producer: Christopher Bessette

Producers: Christopher Bessette, Greg Pharoah, John Petrella

Exec. Producers: Gerald Zavitz, Marcello Petrella

Director of Photography: John Petrella

Picture Editor: John Petrella, Greg Pharoah

Sound Design: Joe Shugan

Composer; Robert Critchley

Flautist: Karyn Fleming Hill

Music Producer: Mark Rogers

Narrator: Murray Kash

TRT; 44 minutes


Christopher Bessette

Christopher M. Bessette is  a multi-award-winning writer, director, producer. He is an author, educator, public speaker and a member of the Director’s Guild of America and the Writer’s Guild of America.Twice honored with a nomination by Niagara College Canada for the prestigious Premier’s Award for outstanding achievements in Creative Arts & Design, Bessette has garnered many accolades at film festivals worldwide, including ten Best Picture, three Best Director, and a Best Screenplay award.

Married to his college sweetheart, he is a proud father of three and grandfather of two. He makes his home in Southern Ontario, Canada living on an acreage deeded to his family by the Crown of England over 200 years ago.

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