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Industry Quotes

“Christopher is a master craftsman, thoroughly prepared, comfortable behind a camera, radiating calm, yet, so excitedly certain and focused in the moment he dances with new ideas cascading in the moment. Breathtaking to watch. He knows who he is and what he can do.”

Raymond Chandler, Producer

“…isn’t that what makes a film have a legacy 50, 60, 100 years later? This film will live on in such a way… we will be looking this film up in encyclopedias in 200 years.” 

Alex Kalognomos,
festival director ARPA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Hollywood
re: The Enemy God

“Christopher has a remarkable capacity to oversee the work of others and bring to fruition a distinctive and creative vision. His knowledge of film and television production, techniques and the visual language of the screen make Mr. Bessette a very capable producer. He delivered fresh entertaining programming that delivered significant ratings.”

Richard Landau,
Executive Producer CTSTV

“Powerful and important new film.”

re: Trade of Innocents

“What I soon discovered that what was made was cinematic invention indeed. It was something I had not seen before, second it was done so skillfully… one of the most amazing films I have ever experienced.”

Dr. Zaven Khatchaturian,
re: The Enemy God

“This kind of thinking gives Bessette the edge…”


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