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REDLINE BURN – New Feature Film Screenplay By Bessette

REDLINE BURN – new feature film screenplay by Bessette

To rescue his family, a retired MotoGP champion must prepare his son to compete in the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world.


A pack of road racing motorcycles leans to the limit on a sharp corner. Their leather-clad rider’s knees scrape the ground at 200 miles per hour into the first turn of our story.

Former MotoGP champ Ricky McIvery finds himself alone; fame, fortune, and the pursuit of pleasure destroy his marriage, and relationship opportunity with his infant son. His wife escapes vowing to never be found again.

20 years later: barely scraping by in the motorcycle repair business, McIvery has a surprise customer roll into his shop. His son. Not disclosing his relationship to the young rider, McIvery befriends him finding out he is involved in a gang of illegal street-racing thrill seeking motorcyclists.

More turns unfold as McIvery uncovers his ex-wife trapped in an abusive marriage. His son at the edge of death every night because of racing escapades and his true love unable to exist outside of the clutches of her powerful husband’s grasp. Salvaging his relationships and attaining freedom for the ones he loves means more than any championship ever did.

The illegal street-racing goes legitimate when completion moves to ManxGP. It’s a dream realized by McIvery’s son and a rival gang member. Fate brought them together and McIvery won’t let fate tear them apart; he follows them to the ManxGP in Ireland on the Isle of Man.

It’s a “Top-Gun-on-Two-Wheels” man and machine, 200 mile-per-hour battle for the real prize: forgiveness and redemption. McIvery finds himself in the race of his life… pushing it beyond the edge of velocity into the Redline Burn zone.Read 1762 times

Christopher Bessette

Christopher M. Bessette is  a multi-award-winning writer, director, producer. He is an author, educator, public speaker and a member of the Director’s Guild of America and the Writer’s Guild of America.Twice honored with a nomination by Niagara College Canada for the prestigious Premier’s Award for outstanding achievements in Creative Arts & Design, Bessette has garnered many accolades at film festivals worldwide, including ten Best Picture, three Best Director, and a Best Screenplay award.

Married to his college sweetheart, he is a proud father of three and grandfather of two. He makes his home in Southern Ontario, Canada living on an acreage deeded to his family by the Crown of England over 200 years ago.

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