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2018 CIFF Award Winner

NIAGARA COLLEGE CANADA PRESS RELEASE Niagara College prof, grad Christopher M. Bessette wins Best Director award 2012 film Trade of Innocents makes a comeback at 2018 CIFF Niagara-based writer/director Christopher Bessette doesn’t only reach for the stars, he shines among…

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A number of years ago in-between movie projects, I took a job in a Call Centre to make ends meet.  That’s the common vernacular for “survive.”  The Call Centre Supervisor asked me, “What did you do before coming here?” I…

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The Mythamöhre – Epic Fantasy Novel by Bessette

NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON "THE MYTHAMOHRE" buy your print copy List Price: $14.996" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cmBlack & White on Cream paper280 pagesTerrapin Point PublishingISBN-13: 978-0968115329ISBN-10: 0968115322BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Epic The world-renowned underwater archaeologist, Dr. Philip…

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The Art of Capturing An Image

Filmmakers will immediately recognize his name, Vilmos Zsigmond ASC.  Cinemagoers might not recognize his name but they will know the movies he's shot: "Close Encounters,"  "Deliverance," "McCabe & Mrs. Miller," "The Long Goodbye" and many others.  I came across this…

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A Screenwriter’s Jungle

This is an article I was asked to contribute to Script Magazine online, (first published June 2, 2009) about my adventure writing & directing a feature film that has been billed as “Gangs of New York” meets “City of God”…

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