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Trade of Innocents Trailer
Christopher Bessette Writer/Director


Dermot Mulroney (The Grey, J. Edgar) combats the seedy underworld of Human Trafficking / Child Sex Trade in “TRADE OF INNOCENTS” Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite) plays his wife, working in aftercare for the young girls rescued – they both come face to face with their deepest regret and painful memory; losing their own daughter. Co-starring John Billingsley (Star Trek) and Trieu Tran (Tropic Thunder, Hancock), MOVIEGUIDE calls it a “A POWERFUL… IMPORTANT MOVIE”. WINNER of the ICVM Gold Crown for “Best Picture” and the 32nd Annual 2012 Festival of FIlm Breckenridge “Best Drama” and “Best Director” award.
Distributed in North America by Monterey Media Inc.
Worldwide distribution representation by Worldwide Film Entertainment LLC.

Industry Quotes

“I have personally watched 400 films for this festival and with yours, I was glued from the first frame. I was captivated.”

Jennifer Corinna,

re: The Enemy God

“Trade of Innocents is a rare gem… it really deserves a mainstream shot. The film contains some really amazing performances from Dermot Mulroney, Mira Sorvino and John Billingsley. Billingsley gives one of his most intense and impressive performances to date. The film is very well shot and well directed by Christopher Bessette. The film is action packed and very suspenseful, as well as very dramatic. Do not miss out on this film, it is one of 2012’s hidden gems and award worthy performances.”

Mike Gencarelli
Film Reviewer

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